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Stay Away

Performances like this one by Nirvana provoked “get off my lawn!” reactions from the cultural gatekeepers in 1992; now they’re comfortably ensconced on Classic Rock radio alongside the big boys. Probably not what Kurt Cobain intended for himself, but if there’s one everlasting truth about … Continue reading Stay Away


Tin Machine asked and answered the question, what would happen if David Bowie was in a band where he let the other guy sing sometimes? The answer was that audiences were not clamoring to hear the soulful belting of David Bowie’s drummer. It was the … Continue reading Stateside


And as for records that I haven’t stopped listening to, Black Uhuru’s Iron Storm is one. I’ve been listening to that one since it came out in 1991, and it hasn’t become less relevant. Somehow, although political comedy becomes dated and unfunny within months, political … Continue reading Statement

So Fine

Eek-a-Mouse has recorded about twenty albums, give or take, and I only listen to one of them. U-Neek is just one of those records that I’ve listened to so many times over I know every song, and it’s a record I put on when I … Continue reading So Fine