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Stay Hungry

I’ve always said that the only valid form of cardio was dancing to a Talking Heads record all the way through. More Songs About Buildings and Food is not one of those Talking Heads albums that could fuel a dancersize class, but they’re getting there. … Continue reading Stay Hungry


I can’t even recall the last time I’ve listened to Obscured by Clouds. I might as well be listening to a brand new records. Which is fine, because there’s not about to be any more Pink Floyd albums. It was probably a planned irony that … Continue reading Stay


“I would scream very loudly” – David Bowie, getting a self-defense lesson on the Dinah Shore show. Whatever else we know David Bowie had going on in his life in 1976, he still appeared on middlebrow variety programmes like Dinah Shore and charmed the pearls … Continue reading Stay


It is never too early in the day to contemplate where we are without David Bowie. The popular adage that Bowie was somehow holding the fabric of the universe together feels more and more true, as the fabric of the universe becomes increasingly threadbare. It’s … Continue reading Starman


Amid some mighty stiff competition, this comes in as The Rolling Stones’ second-most offensive song and definitely their filthiest. It may also be the filthiest ode to groupies by any major rock band ever. Mick Jagger is said to have declined the advances of the … Continue reading Starfucker