Category: 60’s Music

Stephanie Says

What was it that allowed Lou Reed, only a few years out of college, to write about self-recrimination and sorrow with such empathy and precision? If he aspired to produce the coveted Great American Novel in the form of a rock’n’roll album, he certainly succeeded. … Continue reading Stephanie Says

Stay Loose

Unlike many of my contemporaries, the Verve Remixed series was not my first introduction to jazz music. However, I can say that it did stoke my interest in rediscovering classic jazz artists. Which was exactly what the Verve record label set out to do when … Continue reading Stay Loose

Stay Awhile

If you had any doubt about Zooey Deschanel’s vocal bona fides, I hope they’re laid to rest when you hear her tackle the legacy of Dusty Springfield. In her day, Dusty Springfield was a major hitmaker, and she’s considered one of the greatest ‘blue-eyed soul’ … Continue reading Stay Awhile

Stand By Me

Here’s a perennial favorite that has come around again and again, becoming a hit every few years thanks to new artists covering it for a new listener generation. Everyone knows this song, though everyone most likely has a different version that they think of as … Continue reading Stand By Me