Nada Surf: A Jolt Of Life-Affirming Energy : NPR

Coming back to what I belatedly decided was one of the better albums of the 90’s, High/Low by Nada Surf. I’m aware that this band has made many more albums since then, including a 2020 release, and that they’ve been very consistent with their post-punk aesthetic. Also I know that there are still a lot of records from 1996 that I haven’t gotten around to hearing yet, just because I have this prejudice that I don’t like 1996. What? I was 13. Thirteen is one of those times in life when it’s very easy to convince yourself that absolutely everything in the world sucks except for the four or five things that don’t. Anyway. As far as what 1996 sounded and felt like, this is definitely one of the records that the cool kids were listening to, which means that I didn’t find out about it until the mid- 2010’s. Belatedly, though, I really like this record.

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