Month: March 2020

Stand By Me

Here’s a perennial favorite that has come around again and again, becoming a hit every few years thanks to new artists covering it for a new listener generation. Everyone knows this song, though everyone most likely has a different version that they think of as … Continue reading Stand By Me


I’ve never been an R.E.M. fan, although I did date one, so I know that they do exist, still. What strikes me is that, for a supposedly well-respected rock group with a long-running career, how many of their biggest hits sound like novelty songs. This … Continue reading Stand


Coming back to what I belatedly decided was one of the better albums of the 90’s, High/Low by Nada Surf. I’m aware that this band has made many more albums since then, including a 2020 release, and that they’ve been very consistent with their post-punk … Continue reading Stalemate

Stalag 123

Here’s something that I’ve never listened to but should have been. Big Audio Dynamite is the band Mick Jones formed after leaving The Clash. I did not know this, but they released nine albums between 1984 and 1997. I guess that being a group of … Continue reading Stalag 123