Speak to Me/Breathe/On the Run

I’m pretty sure I’ve already featured this overture, under the Breathe title. But that would have been years ago, and didn’t cover the entire suite. Besides, I want an excuse to listen to Dark Side of the Moon. I’ve never done any of the rituals that come associated with the record, like syncing it up with the Wizard of Oz. That seems like something that only people who do too many psychotropic drugs would think is a good idea. Nevertheless, the record remains a touchstone and a favorite, undiminished by its omnipresent popularity among people who do too many psychotropic drugs -slash-your Boomer uncle. As for me, a person who only does a healthy amount of psychotropic drugs, I only listen to Pink Floyd for the intellectual content, the same way that discerning gentlemen subscribe to PornHub for the activism. What I’m trying to say is that one doesn’t have to be zoinked to be drawn into the heady trip of Dark Side. The record just works its magic no matter your brain-state, and that’s probably why everyone and their dog, to this day, still owns a physical copy, or at least a t-shirt or fridge magnet or a mug.

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