Space Truckin’

I enjoy Deep Purple partly because in my mind, Ian Gillan is the literal voice of Jesus, and partly as a cultural artifact. In the 70’s there were dozens and dozens of bands that looked and sounded this way, the foremost of which was, of course, Led Zeppelin. While now, in hindsight, most of those other bands look like parodies, they all took themselves stone cold seriously. Remember, they all looked and sounded like this, because the hard rock fandom was a subculture with a set-in-stone set of aesthetical rules just as surely as emo kids were in the 2000’s. Those fans are all your annoying boomer uncle now, and they still like to wax self-righteous about the “virtuoso musicianship”, badass outlaw lifestyles and overall virility of their favorite bands, which these gluten-free, safe sex-having, Soundcloud-rapping kids today could never understand or hope to aspire to. You can’t argue with the virility of these rock stars, because pants back them left very little to the imagination, and there were, in fact, a few virtuoso musicians among them. For the full effect of what kids these days are missing out on, though, I highly recommend watching all ten minutes of this performance, in which Deep Purple penetrates hard and deep into Spinal Tap territory as Ritchie Blackmore plays his guitar by stomping on it.

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