Space Monkey

The new year officially starts now. For most people it stated two weeks ago, but we run on our own schedule. I made the same resolution I make every year: to be more productive, creative, and inspired, in thought and action, every day. As far as inspiration goes, it’s hard to find a better example of a life well lived than Patti Smith. Talk about living the artist’s life, beyond expectations, on her own set of rules. Smith really exploded the boundaries of her time, with the way she chose to live, the way she dressed, the way she wrote and performed. As with most iconoclasts, it was probably less a conscious desire to be iconoclastic, than a helpless inability to be anything else. It was break boundaries, or die or go insane butting up against them. Living fearlessly and being yourself are the kind of cliches that you find on a throw pillow, but those ideas haven’t always been monetized. They used to be real ideas that galvanized people into doing crazy things. That’s the kind of real life inspiration I’m looking for.

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