I usually don’t try to include too many songs in languages I’m not at least somewhat familiar with. Because, obviously, I don’t know what they’re about to talk about them. The lack of context and understanding isn’t conducive to critical discussion, but it should not be a barrier to enjoyment. That’s why I’m putting up more Rail Band songs. Because I’ve really been enjoying this record, and more people need to get on board. Even people with a wide range of tastes within their own culture may feel alienated by music in a strange language from a culture they know nothing about, but music by artists like Salif Keita should be beyond language barriers. If anything, this music makes plain how much in common is shared by cultures all over the world. Keita grew up listening to postwar Latin Jazz, which was wildly popular in parts of Africa, while learning to play traditional music of Mali. The combination of Malian music and jazz is just the same music coming full circle after slowly evolving as it moved around the globe over the course of centuries.