The Songwriter

Stardom and success has made many a creative get all meta about the how, the why, and the who for of their work. Where does the successful artist stand, in the world, when they no longer have to define themselves by their struggle to be seen? What kind of symbiosis does the artist develop with the fans who consume his artwork? It is all too, too existential. This kind of self-deprecating angst is exactly Father John Misty’s bread and butter, and he may be a slight bit ironic as he ponders these questions, but also he’ll have you know that these questions do weigh heavy upon his brow. He knows it’s what his fans expect. He’s carved out a place for himself as one of the now-rare ‘serious songwriter’ types whose work invites heavy pondering. He knows, too, that ‘take me seriously’ poetic posturing by rock singers is kind of absurd and just really can’t be taken seriously. Thus, pondering about who is he to be in his place and who we are to have put him there. And so on in an indefinite loop.