Someone New

It looks like Hozier is going to survive and prosper after having the big hit of the year in 2014. Not everyone who bursts from obscurity to instant fame with a huge hit single gets to live it down. One obvious downside is that many beginning artists who luck out on one song simply don’t have any more material to follow up with. So they end up with a record of hastily written filler, which gets them dismissed by the fickle public. Hozier didn’t have that problem, though. He had a full record – and then some – of outstanding material. It was a joyous surprise when I played his first album that I enjoyed every song, even on the extended edition. He has a God-given voice, of course, and his songwriting is moody and poetic in just such a way that appeals to my Romantic sensibilities. Since then, Hozier has released an EP and a second LP, and though neither spawned a song-of-the-year hit, they were good enough to not need to.