Some Velvet Morning

If you’ve never listened to Nancy Sinatra, your impression of her might be that of a very corny and square cabaret singer completely out of step with the psychedelic counterculture all around her. That’s based on her background, of course, and the way she wore her hair. It couldn’t be more wrong. Nancy Sinatra made some of the weirdest music of the sixties, and yeah, that’s saying a lot. In her series of duets with Lee Hazlewood, she managed to find an overlap between psychedelia, country music and Europop – three things that could not be more disparate or antagonistic towards each other, yet formed a bizarre love triangle on Nancy’s records. This is one of the best known of their collaborations. It plays like the fever dream brought on by a heavy dose of LSD and a Clint Eastwood matinee. Making it one of the most perfect curios of the psychedelic era, and surprisingly, one of the most enduring.