Some Unholy War

Amy Winehouse had a lot of problems in her short life. (Watch the film Amy for all the tragic details.) Not least of those was her absolute devotion to a man who was little more than a crackhead and petty criminal. In the years of her rise to fame, and subsequent breakdown, her life revolved around him; even when he left her for another woman, even when he used her fame and money to gain access to drugs and more drugs, even when he was sent to prison. It was that masochistic loyalty, as much as her musical talent, that set Winehouse apart from other singers and put her in the Billie Holiday torch singer playbook. Glamorizing bad relationships with bad men is way past being acceptable anymore, and even in 2006 it was disturbing. Except that, in all of her obvious sincerity and turmoil, no one could accuse Amy Winehouse of trying to glamorize anything. She knew damn well her choices were bad, she just couldn’t help herself.