Some Body

Representing the glacial soundscapes of Scandinavia, is my new-ish discovery Jonna Lee. You may or may not know her as the mastermind of the electronic music performance art project iamamiwhoami, or for her collaborative work with R√∂yksopp. She founded her own record label, To whom it may concern, and has been associated with the avant-garde fashion company Comme des Garcons. She also records as ionnalee, which is the identity behind her fourth album, Remember the Future. She is, obviously, a real renaissance woman. Her music ranges from the catchy nearly-pop-oriented you hear here, to surreal, ambient and mildly disturbing. I don’t know if Lee is entirely representative of the Swedish music scene, but she is definitely the vanguard of what the Swedish music scene is most successfully exporting. It’s atmospheric, conceptual musical art that is also accessible to pop audiences. It’s music that’s emotionally versatile, good for dancing and good for relaxing, equally.