So Far So Fast

It’s a challenge keeping up with the stream of new releases. There’s just so much that comes out, and a lot of it stays under the radar unless you’re lucky enough to stumble upon it. Amongst all that, it’s particularly hard to predict which new records will turn out to be keepers. It’s too early to call the field at this point in the year, but so far I’ve enjoyed a couple of records enough to play them twice. The National’s I Am Easy to Find is one such record. It is, of course, just The National doing what The National does. It’s an hour of sadness and gloom, which may not be everybody’s idea of a hot summer album. Nobody does sadness quite like Matt Berninger. Nobody takes it seriously, nobody wants to make a career out of being seriously sad. But I still want to hear a really good sad album, and my sad record library doesn’t get much fresh restock. So I think it’s safe to say that this record will find its way into heavy rotation next time I feel like I have something to cry about.