I keep coming back to Geoffrey Oryema’s Exile album because it can evoke so many moods. I don’t, of course, know what most of his songs are about, but understanding words is overrated. This songs, for example, is called ‘Solitude’ though that’s just the English word someone put on it. I don’t have any way of knowing what it would be called on other language editions. But let’s assume it is what it is. Is it evoking solitude as an experience of loneliness and sorrow, or as a state of comfort and contemplation? Could it be a little mixture of both, as would be reflective of the shifting nature of most people’s experiences? It invites deep thought, but it could just as easily invite a thoughtless meditative state. You could also, and with equal easy, cry on the floor to this music, or get high, or fuck, or just sit there and drink tea. It’s music for everything, really, and there’s just not that many examples of a record that complements so many varied states.

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