So Happy I Could Die

Lady Gaga has written her generation’s ode to female masturbation, meaning that that particular playlist is now between her and Cyndi Lauper. The difference between now and Lauper’s day is that nobody really noticed. It was barely a blip between all of Lady Gaga’s many other controversies; there wasn’t enough attention to go around for a conversation about sexual wellness because there were so many risque outfits to talk about. Anyway it fits right in with Gaga’s aesthetic of hedonistic self-empowerment. Gaga understands that for the millennial ladies, it goes without saying that if you can’t find a flesh-and-blood disco stick, you can opt for the battery-powered kind. Of course, in fitting with the millennial mindset, it could also be understood as an exploration of alcoholism and alienation, because it’s the conundrum of our time that social stability has declined inversely to the increase of all that self-actualization and autonomy for the modern woman.