Slave Song

Only Sade can write a song about slavehood – the spiritual kind – and imbue it with the kind of glamour that sells perfume. That doesn’t take anything away from Sade’s songwriting; her words and delivery are powerful, her message is strong. But Sade is Sade – she oozes glamour and sensuality. Her music, even at its most thought-provoking, is made for silk sheets and candlelight. Is it wrong to think that contemplation can be glamorous? Spirituality should not be glamorized or commodified – as it has been – for the ashram is no place for sensuality, unless you take deprivation itself as a sensual pleasure. Spirituality calls for asceticism, a point made by every major creed. But we want to gain some glint of enlightenment within ourselves AND still roll around on silk sheets. How about empowerment and self-awareness, then?