Slash Dot Dash

I have to say, this is one of the most irritating songs by an artist I otherwise greatly enjoy. Right up there with Daft Punk’s Technologic. Fatboy Slim has made some of the most genre-expanding electronic music of our times. In this case, he really nailed the exact formula for maximum irritate-the-adults effect. And yet, I still find myself enjoying this grating song on some level. For one thing, I find it rather funny. It came out in 2004, when the words ‘dot com’ could still serve as a punchline. This was when consumers were flabbergasted to find that the Dole banana company had its own website, and the internet in general still felt like a vaguely shiesty youth fad. Now we take it for granted that literally everything under the sun can be appended with a dot com, gov, org, edu, etc. We barely remember when just saying “dot com” after a string of absolute gibberish was qualified as an edgy joke. The language is of URLs and hashtags is our lingua franca now. Live with it.