Sixty Minute Man

For everyone who appreciates the value of a good lay, we celebrate Billy Ward and His Dominoes’ seminal ode to great boning. Now how on earth this blew past the decency keepers in 1951, I can’t imagine. There was a lot of dirty blues filled with double entendres that managed to sneak by the censors, but this isn’t even bothering to pretend to be about anything besides what it is. Anyone who isn’t a cloistered virgin knows exactly what our man is talking about, and somehow this became a hit record. Maybe folks back then were naughtier than we give them credit for. And, miraculously enough, it’s still the basic outline for good lovin’ that kids today can learn from: 15 minutes of kissin’, 15 minutes of teasin’, 15 minutes of squeezin’ and 15 minutes of “blowin’ my top”. This guy was good in the sack and he knew it. Cheers to him and others like him.