Month: March 2019

Slack Jaw

I usually stay far away from YouTube comments, which very often resemble toilet stall walls, but sometimes I read a real gem. The top comment for this Sylvan Esso song says “This song breaks my heart in such a comfortable way.” Yes, anonymous internet comment … Continue reading Slack Jaw


I have no memory of how I stumbled across this little treasure. Some random playlist or compilation package, I suppose. Wherever and however it was, though, Horace Andy’s distinctive vocals drew me in. It’s always nice to make an obscure discovery, though Horace Andy is … Continue reading Skylarking

Sky Saw

Before there was Moby, there was Eno. That is obvious. Before there were most things, there was Eno. MGMT even wrote a song about it. Brian Eno is the slow, inexorable trickle-down effect of personal weirdness bleeding influence into everything around it until it’s come … Continue reading Sky Saw

Skools Out

It amazes me that Ladytron made their debut almost twenty years ago already. Especially since hearing them still makes me think “what is this cool new thing?” Of course, there is music made decades ago that still sounds like the cool new thing nobody’s discovered … Continue reading Skools Out