Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)

Some people make incessant resolutions to lose weight, and I start every year resolving to listen to more music besides the same five dead white guys. And unlike losing weight, my resolution is actually both attainable and fun to do. As you will see in my upcoming annual Top 10 roundup, I’ve definitely been expanding my palate. Expanding my palate includes not only checking out new releases that wouldn’t normally be on my radar; it’s also looking back at history and delving more deeply into artists who I may only know from one or two radio hits. One thing I always resolve to get more deeply into is Motown. Classic Motown is not only deeply influential, it’s also accessible and fun. You don’t have to go to the library to checkpoint the literary references to enjoy Motown – or deal with pretentious fans who insist that you can’t enjoy it if you don’t. Unlike many other genres, Motown wasn’t designed to alienate anyone, it’s not an acquired taste, and it’s guaranteed not to bring you down. Out of the many, many giants of Motown, Stevie Wonder is a good one to start with. His career spans decades and dives in and out of many genres, making for one of the largest, most diverse and most acclaimed discographies you can dive into.

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