If you only have time to discover one earnest singer-songwriter, let it be Lissie. You may know how I generally feel about earnest singer-songwriters: they tend to be boring in their earnestness. Lissie is a bit of a music industry outsider. She lives in rural Iowa and doesn’t spend much time making the rounds of music festivals and late night talk shows to promote herself. There’s something of the humbleness of her life that shows in her music, and it makes her writing feel so refreshing. When it feels like even the most heart-on-sleeve confessional songwriters are trying to hit some targeted mark that will earn them a Honda commercial or a minute and a half on the soundtrack of a cable dramedy, real sincerity seems in short supply. I admire a songwriter who can lay out their feelings without descending intro trope, and Lissie is definitely one such songwriter. Because of her modesty, I had no idea that she released a new album this spring. I just ordered it. I have complete faith that it’s going to be excellent.

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