She Loves You

This, as the kids on the internet like to say, is pure. It’s just pure and magical and as mood-altering as champagne bubbles. The Beatles could be hugely problematic, as in not very woke at all, if you catch my meaning, especially in their early years. That didn’t slow them in their uncorking a tsunami of crying and shrieking from seemingly-possessed hordes of libidinous teenage girls, aka Beatlemania. Even in the cooler view of decades-past hindsight, they more than make up for it in sheer musical genius. It doesn’t matter if history says that John Lennon was a dick. Nobody else before or since could trigger such lightning changes in brain chemistry with the power of their vocal harmonies. And out of all the most euphoric Beatles hits, there’s nothing more sweet in sentiment than one buddy helping another buddy patch up his love life. Apologize to her! She loves you! You should be glad! Yeah, yeah, yeah!

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