Rotten Cocksuckers’ Ball

To anyone who imagines the past as a cleaner, wholesomer time – it wasn’t. This is coming to you from The Clovers, who were better known for their harmonizing on clean and wholesome hits like Love Potion No. 9. Sure, it ain’t something that would fly on the radio, or even in stores, but the dirty blues flourished from the beginning of the recording industry until the 1960’s, when there stopped being a need for it. It makes you wonder what kind of things your granddad got up to in his day. I think he’d tell you that in his day they didn’t have your PornHubs or your RedTubes or your Adult Friend Finders and they actually had to leave the house and do some footwork to have a sexual experience that left them feeling filthy inside. That is, a lot went on hidden beneath the guise of outward wholesomeness, and a little evidence of it survives. Songs like this one, the oeuvre of Irving Klaw, the cheapo paperbacks known as pulp fiction: all point to a time of thinly veiled promiscuity, when every closet was filled to bursting with embarrassing predilections. It’s just that today we keep that shit out in the living room.

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