The Rockafeller Skank

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Ahh, a real classic song of my lifetime. One of the quintessential musical moments of the 1990’s. A generational touchstone. Who would have thought that a wub-wub song would become all of those things. Who would have thought that one of the most important and enduring musical minds of the decade would be this “Fatboy Slim”, a semi-anonymous schmuck from Surrey? Well, that’s a rebuke to all of you who dismissed electronic music and all of its subgenres. If you’ve read the official year-end music industry reports, rock music is officially dead again, commanding none of the top ten positions on any chart measurement of popularity. That’s mostly thanks to the predominance of hip hop, but the other major market force is EDM, which is now as ubiquitous as corn syrup. It’s the additive that makes bland things taste so sweet! So, damn straight that Fatboy Slim, Aphex Twin, the Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and other trailblazers from the 90’s are now bona-fide legacy acts.

(Photo: Steve Dykes)