Rock the Casbah

Rock’n’Roll is going to bring peace and/or liberation to the Middle East. The Muslims and Hasidim are going to boogie down together, and the punk revolution will take place in the Texas oil fields. I can’t think of how to interpret this rallying cry for whatever The Clash thought they were rallying for, except to say don’t take it too literally. I’m pretty sure that the Middle East doesn’t want your stinking infidel punk rock music. I think the only message here is “forget your dogma and come have a party.” I’m a little distracted by the video, though. When you’re an English punk band filming a video for a song about the Middle East, you obviously can’t go to the actual Middle East, so you go to Texas, where at least there’s armadillos. (Nothing is more punk rock than armadillos.) There’s also some impressive oil derricks, which is kind of on-topic. So, of course, most of what  you see was filmed around south Austin, and although the Austin City Coliseum exists no longer, the city scenes are easily recognizable. Did you know that the blue building at 1:41 is now a Wells Fargo?