Rich Bitch

This was my first Die Antwoord song! I heard it over the PA at some other concert I was at, and it was an instant “WTF? I love  you!” moment.  I had to know what this weird shit was, but apparently Shazam doesn’t work when you’re in the middle of 500 people, so I had to wait a few years before I found out. But I never forgot. I love to get sentimental about discovering bands I like; it’s like falling in love with a hot stranger, only better, because you don’t have to give them a ride home in the morning. Anyway. I think we’re all agreed that the world doesn’t actually need a white woman rapper. That’s not really a niche that needs to be filled, given how many black women rappers are on the breadline waiting for their big break. But if it did, Yo-Landi Vi$$er would be the one. This one actually has her own aesthetic and doesn’t pretend she’s from the American delta. She’s got her own culture she’d talking about, and if she checks American hip hop tropes, it’s to satirize them. Die Antwoord aren’t even what you would call a hip hop group; they’re a mashup of things that don’t usually go together, like rap and house music and film and performance art and really really bad tattoos. That’s the kind of originality that makes  you stop and say ‘da fuh?’ and then ask for more.