Month: August 2017

Ready to Start

Arcade Fire have been on an upward trajectory. From acclaimed indie band to the kind of genuinely popular act that fills arenas. Aside from the increasing fame, they’ve also gotten more creatively ambitious with each album. After the masterpiece that was Reflektor, can they continue … Continue reading Ready to Start

Ready Teddy

So many of the best early rock’n’roll songs were pure gibberish. The spirit of the music didn’t need words that made sense to make sense. The first rockers wrote silly words because they weren’t permitted to write the words the music brought to mind. Sex, … Continue reading Ready Teddy


Remember when everybody seemed to own at least one Cat Stevens album? Usually it was Tea for the Tillerman, but there were others and there was at least one in every stack of vinyl. It was a phenomenon. Cat Stevens himself no longer exists as … Continue reading Ready


ThouShaltNot is my little secret, apparently. I can’t quite recall how I discovered them (somewhere in the back alleys of the interwebs) but is certainly wasn’t through any old-school published media, and it wasn’t word of mouth. I don’t know anyone who’s heard of them. … Continue reading React


The wait is over. I’ve been holding my breath for seven years, waiting for Karen Elson’s second album. Well, she’s done it now, and I can report that she’s done it again. I’m not disappointed; on Double Roses Elson sounds just as lovely and darkly … Continue reading Raven

Rave On

I wasn’t alive to be a teenager in the 1950’s, for which I mostly thank god. I don’t think I would have done well growing up in the 50’s. But if I had, in some alternate narrative dimension, been an American teenager in the 1950’s, … Continue reading Rave On


If you’ve worn out the metaphorical grooves on St. Vincent’s last album, help is on the way. There’s a mystery-shrouded new album coming in the fall sometime. It’s getting a little bit of speculative attention of the gossipy kind; there’s a collaboration with – and … Continue reading Rattlesnake