Prince Johnny

My favorite track from my favorite St. Vincent album. Also, if you recall, this was one of my favorite albums of 2014. I actually haven’t thought about St. Vincent in a while; she’s been off the radar for some time. No can blame her for wanting to keep a low profile, since her last album was such a hit and launched her out of her comfortable space as an acclaimed-but-obscure artist into actual fame, she’s had to experience some of the nastier things success has to offer i.e. paparazzi, speculation about her love life, etc. It’s been long enough, I think, and she’s had her fun doing rock star things like dating supermodels. St. Vincent is an important artist and she needs to reemerge soon. I heard that she’s at work directing a horror movie right now, which is exciting, but not music. Maybe she’ll write music for the movie? That would be a great project.