If you’re old enough, you might remember this from the summer of ’96, when Nada Surf was a band that was popular. Or you may not. I don’t remember jackshit from the summer of ’96. I was 13 and still cared a lot about my Barbies. I was in no way, shape or form concerned with cultivatingĀ teenage charm and popularity, so even if I did hear this song I certainly wouldn’t have understood or related to it. I get it now, though, and it’s actually timelessly good advice. You should, by all means, wash your hair at least once every two weeks. Also, having your own car and your shit together makes you a catch, in or out of high school. And don’t worry too much about going steady, because every boy in the whole wide world could potentially be yours. So, yeah, words to live by, even if they were delivered with some degree of irony.