Please Be Naked

I’m offering you this song not because it’s in any way good, but because, in this age of studied self-awareness, it’s so delightfully reminiscent of Spinal Tap. Which is to say, it’s absurd to a degree that absolves it of all the normal standards of taste and quality. Let me count the ways. To begin with, The 1975 are a ridiculous band, on down from the their name, which implies a rock solid commitment to being derivative. They don’t have anything as coherent as their own sound, but at their best they’ve achieved Phoenix-like levels of power-pop-rock. On the uptempo end of their latest album, they sound like their highest calling is to become the next INXS. A quick view of what the band looks like bears this out; singer Matt Healy is a devotee of strategically unbuttoned shirts, gaudy tattoos, and terrible, terrible hair. Now, if you’re ready to enjoy some pretentious rock star self-indulgence, turn to the video below. There you will witness a moderately successful pop/rock band of mediocre talents, fronted by a man who looks like he dressed up as Robert Smith for the office Halloween party and backed by the BBC Philharmonic Fucking Orchestra, playing a thoroughly forgettable instrumental composition with a crudely sexual title. Truly, the spirit Nigel Tufnel is with us on this day!


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