Personal Jesus

So has this been nostalgia’d to exhaustion yet? I feel that Depeche Mode hasn’t sunk entirely into flashback oblivion, unlike some their cornier and/or more popular peers. I  know  you know what I’m talking about; the terrible one hit wonders whose one hit hits are coming-of-age movie shorthand to indicate that “Hey! It’s the 80’s!” Or, on the other hand, the totemic icons who’ve become their own cottage industries selling T-shirts to kids born in 1997. In hindsight, Depeche Mode were lucky they never had much of a visual image; it’s saved them from Hot Topic hell. Also, of course, a lot of their songs are about things that don’t go well on a t-shirt. This one suggests both religious heresy and sexual perversion. Is it implied that your spiritual awakening will come at the hands of your dom? Honestly, that’s a creed I could get down with. Go forth my child, find your redeemer…and fuck their brains out.


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