Perfect World

Should I call this Ambient Dance Music? Because you could totally dance to Broken Bells, but also most of their music slides by so gently. That’s not an insult. A Broken Bells record is a smooth, pleasurable ride. So what if you don’t necessarily remember very many moments of it? It may be snarky to say so, but this is music that appears to have been written specifically to be played in restaurants with pastel interiors. Danger Mouse is a smart guy, and I’m sure he’s heard of Brian Eno and his concepts of ambiance. Whether or not he intended Broken Bells as a venture into that territory remains unknown, but again, the comparison is not meant to be a putdown. There’s nothing wrong with writing music with an eye towards creating a more beatific environment. Honestly, I think that’s something the world needs more of. You can say that the world has enough bland indie pop and we need more punk rock, but those things are in no way exclusive.


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