People In Love

“People in love lie around and get fat, I didn’t want us to end up like that.”

Well, that’s just about the driest possible way to sum it up, isn’t it. Art Brut’s Eddie Argos singlehandedly took Britpop’s drollness to the next level, while sometimes making a muss of the fine line between clever and irritating. You could say that it’s a bit of a gimmick, shouting sarcastically about one’s insecurities over light-VU feedback. But enough of it is redeemingly, genuinely clever that you roll with the gimmick. And who doesn’t relate or wish that they did to the persona of the common bloke who can’t sing and doesn’t look like much but has his wit always at the ready? I must admit that Art Brut has found quite a bit of space on my iPod, and their interludes are refreshing amid the general doom and gloom there.


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