People Are People

This is appropriate for Saturday morning programming on PBS. (Is that still a thing?) It’s earnest, simple, and well-intentioned enough to initiate a ‘teaching moment’ with your child. I don’t know if Depeche Mode ever appeared on the Muppet Show, but this would very much have been an excellent choice if they had. It’s obviously a bit simplistic for adult fans, but perfectly calibrated to appeal to a fairly hip and sophisticated child. I’m not sure if Depeche Mode intentionally made their plea for inter-human love and understanding as broadly simple as possible as a reaching out gesture geared towards younger minds, or if it’s just the Spinal Tap effect at work. I mean, we all know rock stars are dumb, especially at their most earnest. Either way, if you have offspring, this is a great starter song; you start a conversation about hatred and war, and you can get them started on learning about cool music. And once your child has become a Depeche Mode fan, you can explain to them about BDSM.


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