Pencil Skirt

I just started listening to Pulp about a year ago. They’re one of the great bands of the 90’s, so of course I’d never heard their music. I can’t be too embarrassed for not being familiar with a band that peaked around the time I was 12, but I am slightly ashamed I didn’t discover them earlier in my adulthood. Apparently a thing called Britpop happened in the early 90’s, and some pretty great bands came out of it, along with an accompanying wave of Cool Britannia fashion, and I completely missed it and still know next to nothing about the phenomenon. Funny how the history that actually occurred within your lifetime is the hardest to learn about. Anyway, here’s Pulp, specializing in a particularly British brand of well-dressed disaffection. The gist I’m getting here is: sex, self-loathing, class resentment and an eye for just the right hemline. I can get behind all of those things.


3 thoughts on “Pencil Skirt

  1. OK, I’m going take that as you might wanna talk? Or just don’t mind a new comment or now two? I totally love Pulp too and is my fave Britpop band by far and away!

    I do remember this well, it even made it to Australia where I live. One of the funniest things happen when the Aussie’s biggest touring festival called The Big Day Out did book both the biggest Britpop bands Blur and Oasis at the same time, year but both band then canceled the tour because they didn’t what to play after each other so then they just try to get back just one band but then both didn’t want to get re-booked because that might mean the other one won even if they’re not playing the gigs. It was all a bit silly and the fest booked Primal Scream in the end, who was much better live band anyway because Blur was OK when I did seen them live but when Oasis did come to tour, it almost didn’t happen again because to start with they got arrested on the airplane because they were acting like dickheads off course but then the funny thing happen was the mainstream press didn’t really know who the hell this band was so that pissed them off even more like a bull to a red flag so the whole tour was just a total mess but most Aussies were like should have just throw these dumb Pomps in jail and leave them there!

    Anyway that’s not even about Pulp so did you know Jarvis dad live here? So when he came to Australia in the 90’s it was all about him meeting up with his estranged father!
    I should really write a blog post about Britpop in OZ or something?
    Cheers again!

    • ladygarfunkel says:

      That’s a pretty funny story. Obviously not one that was written about in the American press. I actually dislike Oasis a lot; their music is ok, but they are just so nasty and unlikable, both of ’em. It’s kind of their thing though, I guess, they made their career on it. That’s a pretty typical story from the little I know about that whole scene.

      • I don’t like Oasis much too and yeah kind of made a career of being a bully or something but always loved Pulp! When the Britpop thing always came up, I was like Pulp is best!

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