I’m not sure if this is supposed to be a love song or the opposite. However, I do think it’s accurate either way. Lovefoxxx sounds both seductive and insecure, which is probably accurate for most people dealing with love-type feels. The beginning of every relationship is a whole lot of flailing around expecting the worst (true also at the end too.) You can also tell why CSS won an award for best punk album (from some super obscure award-giving organization, but still.) CSS literally recorded their first album in somebody’s garage/basement/home studio, but it only sounds like it at times. It sounds unprofessional, but in a good way, a kids having fun way. It’s well made enough to sell, and though it didn’t actually sell all that many units, it was enough to launch the group into a solid international career. Sometimes doing your thing in your own backyard is the only way to really have the freedom to do your thing. That bursting-with-cleverness diy project energy is what makes the first CSS a classic a decade later.


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