This was one of my favorites from 2015, if you recall. It doesn’t necessarily stand to reason that just because I’m excited about something when it’s released that I’ll still like it a year or more later. I don’t know if I’ll be holding this record up as a favorite in 2020, but as of right now, I still listen to it on occasion, and I still think Ms Mr are among the better new indie pop duos out there. If nothing else, their hit single Hurricane from 2013 is a classic. This time around they’ve nailed a sound that wouldn’t have been out of place at a gay club in the 80’s, and that’s not faint praise. The fan blogs tell me that ‘dark doo wop’ is a term now, and that’s a new one for me, but yeah, it’s fun pop with a dark side. And I do love a little psychological complexity with my dance pop.



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