Out of the Woods

So many good indie bands, so little time to get to know them! I haven’t listened to a Foals record in about a year, and hey, maybe I should go listen to all four of them now. I also don’t listen to the radio in my car anymore, so I don’t keep up with what’s new either. That’s how I discovered these guys, and many others. So what I’m saying is that keeping up with new music is a high mountain to climb (or something) and it’s even harder to consistently pass new discoveries on to you, the listening audience. Uh, bear with me? Anyhow, Foals are an English band, they have four albums, of which this one – Holy Fire – is probably the best, or at least the one with the most hit singles. They haven’t released¬†anything that I know of since last year, but given the average slowed down pace of record production these days, they’re right on schedule. They’re at Austin City Limits, like, right now as we speak, so if you’re at Austin City Limits music and arts festival, definitely see them. Also, really great video below, recommend actually watching through all the way.


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