Organ Blues

We make feasties of the beasties but the beasties just live in the wild, you know you’re slower now,  you were faster when you were a child.”

Profound truth. And, as promised, an organ. So just really open your mind and let the weirdness flow in. Marc Bolan loves you and don’t you know you love him too, yes you do. Bolan’s childlike mysticism was always so cute; he didn’t make much sense but his imagination was unbound. Is there any reason the sounds of an organ shouldn’t be put together with tribal percussion of some kind? Of course not, now bring out those bongos! It would help with your enjoyment if you were of a psychedelic mind. No need to trip, just have the mindset. Take Marc Bolan’s example; all the disparate things in your interest field can be tied together in a loose narrative, it doesn’t have to make sense, it’s your universe. You can be a wizard, and drive a hot rod, and converse with moles, and court an Inca queen, and find a cure for those summertime blues, and rock some platform mary janes, and make a movie with Ringo Starr. It’s the spring of 1970 and everything is possible.


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