The members of Rhye really know where there musical bread is buttered. They know what buttons they’re trying to push in their listeners. They’ve made what may be the most button-pushingest record of the decade. I’m not saying button pushing in a bad way, though yeah, this is emotional manipulation of the highest degree. When Milosh sings dreamy songs about fading together, goddamn it, you melt into a puddle of wistful goop. Never mind if your rational mind believes that all the tropes of romance are a lie perpetuated by a conspiracy of bridal gown designers and right wing one-man-plus-one-woman types. Never mind if your personal experience tells you that it’s impossible for two human beings to maintain a meaningful non-platonic relationship without swiftly learning to hate and resent one another irrevocably. Never mind if your brain chemistry has reached a saturation point where it’s hard to even have a meaningful experience without the aid of alcohol and drugs. Rhye makes you believe that there’s nothing higher in the realm of the human experience than a good morning-after snuggle.


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