Only the Wind

A few days ago I put up a Pet Shop Boys song, after not having listened to them in a long, long time. That made me remember that I haven’t listened to them in a long, long time, and hey, I really like Pet Shop Boys. So here’s another Pet Shop Boys song. It’s pretty amazing that these guys have been at it since the 80’s. Even their earliest music sounds completely contemporary. Of course, they did kind of pioneer the field of electronic pop music, so if their sound sounds at home today it’s because they helped create today’s sound. Behaviour. came out in 1990, which was not a good year for this particular style of music. Synthy, catchy pop music was a go in the 80’s, but by 1990 it was considered done to death, replaced by the reactionary stylings of grunge and all of the other terrible things that happened in the 90’s. You can thank Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe for keeping synthpop alive throughout the decade. You can also thank them for consistently showing that synthpop music doesn’t have to be shallow or low on emotional impact or without a conscience. Even though it’s the essence of mainstream now and there are so many good new synthpop bands popping up all over, there still aren’t many voices in the genre as memorable as Neil Tennant’s.


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