The Only One

And now, courtesy of Pet Shop Boys, a love ballad for people who spent their youth in nightclubs doing reckless unsafe things with strangers and just want to settle down finally. At least I think that’s the target demographic here. I can’t say I’m deeply familiar with all of Pet Shop Boys’ oeuvre, but their main theme seems to be dance music about loneliness. For many people, the dance floor can be a place of liberation and communion; but it can also be a place of howling alienation. In fact, the alienation felt at the club is worse than that felt at the grocery store – you’re surrounded by other people’s throes of ecstasy, and that can make you feel like a lone speck like nothing else. While that experience is familiar to most people all across the board, Pet Shop Boys’ music also speaks specifically to the gay community, and if you happen to be gay, the thought of having to leave the club and face the hostile world alone can be even more crushing. It’s alienation multiplied by several powers. And so, a lovely love ballad for everyone who’s experienced those things and eventually found someone, or would like to.


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