The Only Living Boy in New York

Simon & Garfunkel’s harmonies are so beautiful it makes you forget how angsty Paul Simon’s lyrics are. Here, for instance, our hero appears to have a serious case of solipsism. Which, in real life, is not an agreeable trait. On the other hand, the sensation of wandering around feeling like the last sentient person on earth is a universal angst-moment, especially for the young. If you can have that moment on a crisp fall morning in New York City, while rocking a nice corduroy jacket and scarf combo, well…that’s when you’ve entered romanticized ennui territory. You’re probably experiencing preemptive nostalgia for the present moment. It’s one of the finest scenes in the movie of your life, a montage of personal growth through contemplative strolling. With Simon & Garfunkel on the soundtrack.


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