Only In Dreams

Weezer: another band I don’t listen to very much. They are an overrated 90’s band who’ve coasted along for two decades on the strength of one great album and a handful of catchy singles. But, as the law requires, I dig their debut “Blue” album. I suppose they were ahead of their time in some aspects, mainly in creating a quasi-ironic hipster nerd image that was radical at the time but has since become ubiquitous and is now cycling back into lame again. (The trajectory of Weezer fans getting old.) In 1994 there wasn’t a huge niche in pop culture for clever young dudes who self consciously look like Buddy Holly. Or for catchy guitar pop with self deprecating lyrics and self conscious references to Buddy Holly. Now that’s such a large niche it’s not even a niche at all anymore, it’s the main market. Which is all just a fancy way of saying that they were hipsters before anybody else was. And yeah, Weezer did it well, coasting the wave of catchy retro guitar pop, yet being just slightly insufferable enough to maintain emo outsider cred. So, although the overall bulk of their output has been mediocre, I have to say it for these guys; when they’re at their best, they haven’t aged a day.


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