Only In Dreams

I bet you forgot that Duran Duran still exists. You might remember them for their neon bright 80’s heyday, but you don’t think of them as actually still existing. As it happens, though, they are still a working band. On their latest album, Duran Duran sound just like themselves (which they’ve been doing with admirable consistency over the years.) How much you enjoy Paper Gods will depend on how wholeheartedly you enjoyed Duran Duran in the first place, or if you weren’t alive the first time around, how wholeheartedly you appreciate that classic 80’s New Wave sound. You may also love or hate this track based on those same criteria. It combines some of the classic Duran Duran elements; like Simon Le Bon’s plastic soul vocals and nonsensical vaguely creepy lyrics. Clearly, the band has lost none of its campy pop-art aesthetic. If this and other slow songs seem to veer into Broadway showstopper territory, it actually suits them.


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