One Trick Pony

Somehow, Joel Zimmerman’s weird giant mask gimmick hasn’t translated into the kind of longevity that Daft Punk have enjoyed. I’m not sure what Deadmau5 has been up to since the tides of EDM have ebbed slightly from their late 2000’s maximum saturation point. No doubt there’s still plenty of demand for a DJ and producer of his skill and caliber and no doubt plenty of cash to be made. I suspect that the image of the glow-in-the-dark mouse head is going to be remembered purely as a relic of 2010, a probable nostalgia trigger for people who were into a specific kind of lifestyle. But if the image was designed to be remembered for worse or for better, how will the music hold up? Well, I honestly have doubts that very much EDM  will hold up at all. That’s not necessarily an insult; the work of a skilled DJ is meant to be experienced in the moment, and it doesn’t have the same impact on record. In that regard, EDM may have something in common with free jazz – it’s all about improvisation and riffing on themes in unexpected ways, and it may seem dry and boring when taken out of a live context. On the other hand though, there will still be hit songs that transcend context, and some artists’ work will come to be regarded above their peers’. Will that artist be Deadmau5? Possibly. 4×4=12 may be as close to a classic of the genre as we’ve had so far. It has songs people can remember.


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