One Step

You may have heard that Yacht made a new album last year, and that I, for one, thought it was really great (one of the year’s best, in fact.) But other than that you probably haven’t thought or heard too much about them lately. Why would you; they’re an electro-indie-pop group out of Portland with not much profile outside the indie circuit. So you probably haven’t heard of the minor shitstorm they’ve gotten themselves into this year via social media. You can find the full details on Jezebel, but long story short, they (Claire L. Evans and Jona Bechtolt, who are a couple, in case you didn’t know) claimed to have been the victims of a sex tape theft, then offered to sell the sex tape themselves on their website, then revealed that there was no sex tape and it had all been a publicity stunt. Only, instead of saying ‘publicity stunt’ they said it was a performance art commentary on the nature of celebrity, or something insufferable like that. Now, obviously, that was a deeply stupid thing to do, not least because theft and dissemination of intimate materials (aka revenge porn) is, in fact, a sex crime and a wildly prevalent one that law enforcement has barely begun to get a bead on how to handle; and, as with any other sex crime, making an elaborate publicity-seeking hoax out of it only goes to make things more difficult for actual victims of those crimes. How anybody could think this was be a good idea boggles the mind. Especially people I’ve always thought were pretty awesome. Definitely makes me lose a little respect.


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