One of These Mornings

Moby’s 18 is one of my absolute favorite albums from the 2000’s. In fact, it was one of the first new albums of the 2000’s that I really fell in love with. Before that I was still resolutely convinced that new music was dead and nothing would ever be good again. In hindsight that’s kind of a dumb thing to have believed, but the 90’s didn’t leave me with very much faith in humanity. 18 was one of the records that gave me permission, so to speak, to leave the graveyard of dead rock stars. Now, of course, it’s old history too. As I’ve mentioned pretty recently, it shocks me that we’ve already cycled around to harboring nostalgia for the early 2000’s. Maybe because it’s just a thing that happens to you when you’re over 30, but I’m kinda feeling it a little. I mean, how can you not mist up a little, looking back at a time when ‘cyber-‘ still meant edgy? And – getting somewhat back on point – there’s a bit of irony in the image of Moby  being a big man on the super edgy digital cyber scene of tomorrow or whatever, when all he really wanted to do was bring back gospel music. I’m told that Moby is now into composing ambient music for yoga salons or something, which either makes him the new Brian Eno or the ultimate sad aging hipster.


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